Medicinal Plant Capsules

Our products are special because we believe in using a holistic extraction of our plants, not just purified constituent. We focus on product-specific terpene and cannabinoid profile targeting, meaning we harness the nuanced power of multiple plant chemicals to provide a well developed, well rounded, specific plant blend in each capsule. 


We are committed to helping plants help you. Our synergistic blends of plant terpenes and marijuana cannabinoids are specially crafted with science and love to elevate you to your best self. 



Our capsules are carefully crafted acid resistant vegan hypromellose capsules. A discrete mode of consumption without extra ingredients providing consistent results, time after time.  

Being acid resistant, these capsules deliver their healing contents in their intended chemical form and carefully calculated ratios. They provide consistent absorption each time you consume, so you know what to expect.  Their slow and steady delivery provides long lasting relief.  

Your body will know the difference. 


Helps you find relief from occasional muscle and joint pain by supporting a healthy inflammatory response to the musculoskeletal system*


Soothes the discomforts of the menstrual cycle such as occasional cramping and nervous irritability associated with PMS through relaxing, gently toning, and nurturing the body*


Supports a natural night's sleep by addressing the most common causes of occasional restlessness by calming body and mind*


Helps calm the mind from occasional stress by soothing nervous system, relaxing the mind, and nurturing the adrenal gland*


Assists with detoxifications and protection of our bodies from toxins after too much alcohol. It also supports the immune system and healthy mental cognition*

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