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The Team

A Synergistic Relationship


Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer

Brent is a plant lover and believer from Minnesota. The day the governor proclaimed cannabis would never be legalized while he was in office was the day Brent decided to leave for Colorado. His love of skiing and hot springs also contributed to the decision! Brent  had graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder a few years before moving back to Minnesota, so returning was a homecoming of sorts. Brent now resides in South Park, Colorado with his wife and three daughters and is very happy to be here in CO.


As an active plant medicine advocate, Brent realized the cannabis industry was missing something he valued - the synergy between herbs and cannabinoids. He and his wife Floribeth founded Herbanoids in 2013 to address this missing element in the market. Brent wholeheartedly believes in the power of traditional botanical medicines, including psychoactive and psychedelic plant medicines, to promote enlightened homeostasis. 

Brent has been involved in the industry since 2010 not only creating his own unique brands but using his small facility in north Denver as an incubator for other cannabis start-ups. He an Floribeth also created a white label manufacturing company in order to share his skills and promote synergistic, multi-plant formulations within the cannabis industry.

Outside of work, Brent loves to spend time with his ladies, taking them on adventures in the Rocky mountains.  Skiing, hot springs, and Ayahuasca are a few of Brent’s favorite hobbies. 


Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Floribeth is a Gaia lover and Mayan Dreamer from Central America. Growing up, Flory saw people using plants as medicine but also saw that Plants like Cannabis and other Fungi was treated Legally differently than other plants. She thought that this must have good reasons and had no problems passing out anti-cannabis materials during her first career as a school grade teacher. However, when she pursued her second degree as a criminal investigator for her country's Supreme Court of Justice and was responsible for processing several people in jail for Cannabis and other crimes , she began to wonder what it was about this Herbs and fungi that was so bad?

Flory's Family introduce her to the healing powers of Herbs like Ginger, Aloe Vera, Lemongrass and Manzanilla, but was amazed to find the breadth of plant medicines modalities that have been research and documented for thousands of years      ( Mayan,Chinese, Ayurvedic, Ancient ,Eastern and Western, Medicine )
During her Research and manufacturing of herbal medicines with many Plant Lovers, she learned more about Cannabis, Fungi and Minerals and experienced its medicinal benefits first hand, She was blown away and has devoted the last 10 years working with and understanding the healing benefits of Medicinal Plants and learning about alchemy of ingredients, sourcing and sustainability.  

Her Natural Intuitive  believe in the Power of Botanicals and Fungi brought Herbanoids into fruition and has inspired the multitudes of formulations designed for both Herbanoids and other Custom Private brands' products. She believes in the power of synergy between Botanicals and Cannabinoids, advocating for whole plant extracts and multi-plant Energetics Floribeth has turned her passions into a reality and is devoted to helping others realize their dreams as well.
After all, Plants improves people's health and happiness, they help open our hearts, and reconnect us with GAIA our world.

A world in which people know of and have access to plant medicine so they can again take their health in their own hands.

Outside of work, Floribeth loves to spend time with her family, gardening, travel, and dancing. Her favorite plants are Cannabis, Sea moss, Lomatium and Turmeric. She loves to micro-dose with Medicinal Mushrooms and is obsessed with Juicing, Fasting and Food as a Energy.


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