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A Synergistic Relationship

Brent is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder and resides in South Park, Colorado with his wife and three daughters. He and his wife founded Herbanoids in 2013 with the idea of promoting the synergy between herbs and cannabinoids.  Brent is an advocate for traditional botanical medicines, including psychoactive and psychedelic plant medicines to promote enlightened homeostasis. 


The Beckman’s are creating a new home for Herbanoids at Antero Junction in South Park, CO.  This facility, currently under construction, is designed to work in symbiosis with nature rather than carbon fuels.  Brent has helped several other cannabis brands serving as an incubator with a small facility in northern Denver.  He also proudly manufactures white label for other successful cannabis companies.


Outside of work, Brent loves to spend time with his ladies, taking them on adventures in the Rocky mountains.  Skiing, hot springs, and Ayahausca are a few of Brent’s favorite hobbies. 


Co-Founder and Chief VisionaryOfficer


Co-Founder and Chief Operating Office

Floribeth's journey with cannabis began in her home country in Central America, when she was first asked to hand out anti-cannabis materials as a teacher. She later continued as a criminal investigator for her country's Supreme Court of Justice placing several people in jail for cannabis and other drug related offenses.  


 She always knew of the healing power of plants and did not understand why cannabis was treated differently than other herbs. With plants as her teachers, Floribeth discovered the healing and nurturing powers of medicinal herbs. After she learned more about cannabis and experienced the medicinal benefits of cannabis, she began to dedicate her life to breaking the negative stigma of this super-herb.   


She has channeled her passion into making this dream a reality. As a mama-ganja-preneur she strives to maintain a balance between her passion for her family and her dream. Working with her husband, their company introduces people to the synergistic healing powers of Herbs and  Cannabinoids. 


Outside of work, Floribeth loves to spend time with her family, travel, and dance. Her favorite plants are cannabis and turmeric. She loves to micro-dose CBD and is obsessed with essential oils.


Medicinal Botanist

Danielle's dream has always been to heal with plants. During her time as a molecular biology student at the University of Denver, she was able to develop her skills and interest in plant science at the Denver Botanic Garden. 


With Herbanoids, Danielle has been able to use her talents to help people feel their best while furthering her knowledge of healing herbs, oils, and plant chemicals. She excited to be a part of the innovative team that is pushing boundaries of the medicinal herb industry. 


Danielle is achieving her dreams and expanding the limits of what she thought was possible. Religion is also a passion for Danielle, so finding a way to pair science, plants, and spirit has been a beautiful journey.


After a day at the lab, Danielle enjoys religious services, dancing around Denver, and hanging from the ceiling in aerial sports. 



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