A synergistic blend of cannabis kief, botanical extracts, and low dose essential oils in an acid resistant vegan capsule for higher absorption and longer delivery time. We primarily target the cannabinoids THCa, THC, CBDa, CBD, and CBN at specific ratios unique to each botanical supplement, (ensuring optimal effects). We’ve gone to great lengths to source the finest quality locally grown cannabis and botanical extracts from around the world to provide you easy access to our plant medicine allies. 


Let Herbanoids be your guide down the road of health!

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Now manufacturing medical Foria products in Colorado!  

Visit www.foriapleasure.com for more information!

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Herbanoids was founded in August of 2013 with the intention of helping make the world a better place.  We are motivated to share the wisdom of Mother Nature’s abundant diversity of plant medicines.  Through the quality sourcing of our ingredients to the careful formulation of our products, we believe Herbanoids is redefining synergy between the incredible medicinal qualities of cannabis, and the rest of the herbal medicine pharmacopeia.   

Herbanoids founders helped serve as incubators for other cannabis businesses in the state, while carefully planning Herbanoids future.

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